Detailed case study of annual savings of $24m+ to a dairy producer

This is a real case study conducted at a major dairy processing plant, where annual savings in excess of $24m were identified. The company name is ficticious but the study is very real.


Where measurement of liquids for the purpose of generating invoices is required, Flo-gineering has the only government certified measurement system.

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The introduction of a flow-metering, data acquisition and wireless data transfer system provides numerous opportunities to reduce and eliminate most of the manual data entry and data manipulation activities found in the Transport Office.

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  • Certified accuracy
  • Reduces downtime
  • Eliminates manual data entry
  • Hygienic representative sampling
  • Eliminates need for weighing
  • Integrated to processor milk payment applications
  • Truck CIP Monitoring
download case study

Download the detailed case study

Download our real-life and detailed case study and get an estimate on annual savings.

Financial Analysis

Detailed improvement opportunities table and detailed financial analysis of a real-life example

Quantitative Benefits

Download to get a clear, fact-based picture, affected KPI list and more to evaluate your improvement idea.


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